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Techie Teachers

Techie Teachers is a new program offering Secondary School teachers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in some of the most important technical elements of live performance.


Each workshop will start with a chance to connect with an artist or technician who worked on the performance. You’ll spend an hour discussing the show, with ample opportunity to ask questions. Then, after a short break, you’ll be guided through a two-hour practical exploration of the technical element in question by a local artist and other supporting technicians.  

Read on for full details about the workshops and the productions they’re connected to. 

Production shot from Happy Meal featuring two main performers.


Happy Meal presented by Roots and Theatre Royal Plymouth 

Gender is life tbh. It's like time too I guess. It kinda doesn't exist, but our world revolves around the expectations we put on it.' Join us for an online show IRL. Travel back to the quaint days of dial up and MSN, where you’ll follow two strangers on their journeys to become who they always were. Happy Meal is a funny, moving and nostalgic story of transition – from teen to adult, from MySpace to TikTok, from cis to trans. Technically outstanding and featuring convincing characters full of life and depth, Happy Meal is a joyful queer rom-com where Millennial meets Gen Z and change is all around.  

Presenting Artists: Steven Atkinson (Happy Meal Producer), Amber Chappell (Happy Meal Company Stage Manager) and Scott McArdle.

Production shot of two main performers from Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde


Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde presented by Sydney Theatre Company 

Prepare to be spellbound by a vivid adaptation of a Gothic classic, transformed for the stage through engrossing live video. Written and directed by Sydney Theatre Company Artistic Director Kip Williams, this thrilling adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s mystery for the ages is an unmissable production on the cutting edge of theatrical and cinematic design. 

Penned by one of the English language’s greatest writers, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde follows London lawyer Gabriel Utterson as he attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding his friend Dr Henry Jekyll and the shadowy new presence in his life – Mr Edward Hyde. One of the most gripping and intricate tales ever told, this chilling detective story has captivated artists and audiences alike for generations. Two virtuosic actors – Matthew Backer and Ewen Leslie – perform all the roles in the thrilling chronicle of the doomed and divided Jekyll, the rapacious Hyde, and the transfixed Utterson, caught in between. This dazzling production delves into the place between good and bad, the self and the other, the public and the private, and the artist and the audience.  

Presenting Artists: Jekyll & Hyde Team Member and Sohan Ariel Hayes.

Dancer performing in Equations Of A Falling Body


Equations of a Falling Body presented by Performing Lines WA 

Distant forces beyond our control intervene in everyday lives in Laura Boynes’ world premiere of Equations of a Falling Body. Our contemporary world is wildly unpredictable. The ‘elsewhere’ of distant forces – climate, cosmos, politics, memory – continually intervene in our everyday lives. It’s mostly beyond our control – encountered as idle distractions, radical interruptions or insistent voices inside that re-shape and cypher our thoughts and desires. Equations of a Falling Body sets those forces in motion, using real time choreography to create conundrums between James O’Hara, Ella-Rose Trew and Timothy Green, three of Perth's most virtuosic physical performers. Comic, bleak and profound by turns, what emerges is our capacity for resilience through striking and impromptu cinematic sequences to leave you both reflective and hopeful. Crafted and live-conducted by Laura Boynes, one of WA’s finest choreographic talents, Equations of a Falling Body is a mesmerising, immediate and relevant performance attuned to our post-digital age. 

Presenting Artists: Matt Marshall (Equations LX Designer).

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